Do you want to Become Professional trader ??


  • Teach you about day trading strategies like This makes you as a professional trader & our trading system supports you to be disciplined while trading. Inject the confidence wish technical skills. The Market Pathshala coaches you the trading system that works with higher accuracy, Technical analysis, Fundamental analysis & Risk Managements.
  • Top topics are covered about day trading strategy to make consistent money in stock market and train you to keep stop loss and trail stop profit and book almost at the top
  • The Market Pathshala makes you to trade in Swing trading, Day Trading, Long term, Short term, FnO trading, Bank Nifty & Nifty trading

Founder of Market Pathshala Mr. Raghavendra kulkarni Who is into stock market since 10 year Trader and trainer in FnO segment.

Why Choose Mentor?

Market Pathshala Mentor Mr Raghavendra Kulkarni has 10 years experience in stock market and trades in Intraday FnO Segment, Scalper & swing trader. Trained many students who are making money in stock market with discipline and making money consistently.

Day trading

Day trading gives consistent money in stock market if you are discipline in trading.


Future and options trading like ice cream you should eat it before if melts


Wants to make quick trades ? become a scalper and make money in scalping fastest fingers will make money


What are they saying

Suni S


I have attended the Master Mind Session by Market Pathshala, this is the best life changing course that I have attended.. I attended more course to learn and spent 1 lakh together but at the lower cost I got finally a best advisor from Market Pathshala Mr Raghavendra kulkarni he has very good knowledge about the stock market and cleared all my doubts. I used to analyse the market before now I just follow the market instead of analysing.. And I liked the slog from Market Pathshala that's Learn to catch Fish, Never Ask for Fish.. Yes it became true here..

Deep Singh Rababi


I used fear a lot to trade with index like Nifty or Bank Nifty, Mr Raghavendra kulkarni filled the confidence with me and trained me to trade with index. Now I trade only with Nifty Bank. The price action course I have attended from Market Pathshala which changed my style in trading within few days. I referred few and got very good feedback from them as well. The Market Pathshala teaches people to trade fearlessly and make a best trader in stock market. Without any 2nd thought you can join course.

Darshan Dareshwar


I referred by Mr Deep Singh who is my best friend to trade in stock market. I dint knew anything about and I learnt from Basic to Advanced course from Market Pathshala Mr Raghavendra kulkarni took me into deep level to understand what's is stock market. Never said no to anything. Worth buying and now I am able to make 2 to 3k per day with my 50k investment without fear and getting extra income. Thanks to Mentor and Marketpathshala.com for everything.

Harish E

Self employed

I run a business in Bangalore unexpectedly seen an ad in Facebook about stock market joined group and saw a very good results I dint have good opinion on stock market since I lost money and I thought it's gambling and better to avoid but after the course of option selling with my capital I am able to make very decent money without more risk in stock market. Market Pathshala changed my opinion on market and trained me to trade in proper way to make money consistently. I feel really proved of it. This is the best institute to learn about stock market I can say